Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mosquito Repellant Plant in India

Here comes a plant which has 10 times more mosquito repellent property than a popular mosquito repellent DEET. Mosquitoes are repelled by the scent of this plant.This plant has strange effect on cats.If not controlled this plant is quick to spread and can be invasive.It has attractive blue/purple flowers.

Scientific NameNepeta Cataria

RequirementsGrows well in poor soil

Time to Bloom : July to November

Native Place : Europe,Central Asia

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bird of Paradise seeds available in India

The magnificent top selling flower is out for sale in India

for just Rs 69 + Rs 39 (shipping ).This plant is fairly easy to grow.

Scientific Name: Strelitzia Reginae

Requirements: Rich loamy soil,ample water throughout the year

Time to Bloom : 3-5 years after germination

Native Place : South Africa

This is a slower grower so you may have to wait 5 years after

planting to see its beautiful flowers.Currently they ship 2 seeds.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Online gardening e-shops in India Shops

1. Indian Gardening
Items start from Rs 99
Free shipping on each item

2. The IT Planet
Items start from Rs 40
Minimum Rs 29 shipping

3. Pepper Agro
Items start from Rs 82
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4. Poppy Gardens
Items start from Rs 75
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5. 2012-12 Super-sale
Items start from Rs 45
Rs 30 minimum shipping

6. Evergreen seeds
Shipping - Rs 39

7. Evergreen e-shops
Shipping - Rs 49

8. Yahoo Deals
Shipping - Rs 39

9. National Seeds (
Shipping - Rs 39

10. Rose Milian Orchids
Rree shipping ,items start from Rs 99 shops (located in India)

Items starting from $ 1.25
Free shipping on each item

Other websites

1. Agricart
Minimum order of Rs 500 order
Free shipping

2.  Bio Carve
shipping -  Rs 52

3. Plants Mans
Minimum order Rs 50,shipping Rs 50 upto 0.5kg

4. Kraft Seeds 
Items start from Rs 50
Rs 50 minimum shipping

5. Garden Guru
Items start from Rs 40
Rs 45 minimum shipping

6. Flora fields
Shipping - Rs 39